Today’s generation of men cares for their bodies and are increasingly considering getting waxed in beauty salons. However, many of them give up the idea due to fears or preconceived ideas holding them back. Fearing loss of virility is one of them! Culturally associated with the ability to seduce someone, virility is the opposite of femininity. Hence, men find themselves in a tricky situation whereby they seek an ideal beauty at the risk of losing their reputation. Here are some tips on how to make these men more comfortable with waxing in beauty salons…  

TIP #1: Include male representation on your business website

The first step in finding a beauty salon is via web searching. To attract male leads, here are some simple ideas:

  • Keeping your salon colors gender neutral, incorporate male images in your website landing page – men will feel welcome and less intimidated.
  • Create a special treatment menu for men; they will think that there are specific treatments because they are men.
  • If it is possible, add a section in your website where men could find how you proceed to wax them and how they will need to care for their skin.

TIP #2: Create a universe where men feel welcome

The decoration of your beauty salon and the scent must seduce both men and women. Prefer neutral ornaments and fragrances. Include magazines for men in your waiting room. Must have topics: cars, technology, finance + newspapers.

TIP #3: Adopt masculine language

Adopt male language to explain your treatment menu and in providing any necessary reassurance they may seek. Go directly to the point when you are talking about the waxing session. Men prefer concrete and factual language in contrast to women. Use words which refer to efficiency, time savings, hygiene and practicality.

TIP #4: Bring wives and girlfriends as allies

Women can certainly influence men. Many women also enjoy having their spouse take care of their looks. Do not hesitate to talk about your waxing menu for men face to face or by emailing your most loyal female clients. If they trust you and have known you for a long time, it will be easier for them to persuade their spouses to come see you.

With these tips, men will be more comfortable with the idea to get waxed in beauty salons. To optimize your chances of having more male customers, please refer to our upcoming blog on how to make a waxing session as painless as possible. Killing the ouch factor is certainly a hot topic for both men and women.


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