« Shaped sensation create sensuality; chiselled, feelings » Paul Masson, Yogi Thought* (1896)

Chocolate, flowers, candlelight dinners, lovers’ glance exchange and tender love-making…This is Valentine’s day typical agenda! How many among us, women, have spent all week wondering: Which outfit should I wear? What’s about shoes? Fragrance? Lingerie? Most importantly, to plan a salon appointment or at home grooming session? Valentine’s day is the international day when most women invest on their sensuality in order to refresh their love and to intensify pleasure of their senses. One of the best ways to succeed is to have smooth skin including the intimate area. Some scientific reviews revealed that pubic hair removal can significantly influence women’s sexuality…

Pubic hair removal: Just to feel cleaner…

From Ancient Egypt to Rome including the Middle East, Africa and Greece, pubic hair removal is habit. Being purified of all hairs, was the sign distinguishing them from animals and made women’s bodies feel more attractive. The global expansion of this practice, especially in Western countries, occured during the 20th century after the appearance of the first swimsuit. Classic, Indent, Brazilian, Metro Ticket, Personalized or Integral, waxing the bikini became common practice and a seduction tool.

Pubic hair removal: Just to feel more feminine and sexier…

Wherever women come from, most of them have one thing in common: the desire to be gorgeous and desirable. Between 2012 and 2015, pubic hair removal psychological and sociological effects on women were evaluated. In Australia, 235 women answered a questionnaire about why they groom their pubis. Results show that participants feel sexier and more attractive with waxed bikini. The same research was carried out in the USA, whereby 2453 women answered an online questionnaire during 5 weeks. Among them, 57,5 % groom their intimate areas. According to this research, pubic hair removal is significantly associated to active sex life.

Pubic hair removal: To intensify sensations during sex…

To feel more pleasure to reach an organsm is a natural phenomenon. This criterion was taken into consideration in scientific studies, especially the improvement of sensations during sex for waxed women. Scott M. Buttler and colleagues. including Dr. Debby Herbenick, scientist, sexual educator, sex columnist for « Time out Chicago » newspaper, studied the sex lives of 671 women. Among this group, 82% removed their pubic hair. Most of them reported feeling more well-being during sex with a waxed bikini. Other scientists indicate that some women seek to increase sexual sensation thanks to their bikini waxed.

To be feminine and sexy is generally the goal of women when Valentine’s day comes. The perspective to spending a wonderful night of passion triggers the desire to be more sensual. According to some women experience, pubic hair removal allows them to feel more pleasure during sex.  After all, « Sensuality is the total mobilization of senses» Milan Kundera, The Unbearable lightness of Being (1984). 

Note * : The original phrase and book title are « Les sensations modelées forment la sensualité ; ciselées, le sentiment » Paul Masson, Les Pensées d’un Yoghi (1896).

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