When we were children, the Christmas season was full of classic festive songs, of colourful and sparking decorations and rich scents of cinnamon, chocolate and warm pies. As we grow up, every holiday period brings us back to those joyful memories. Thanks to our senses, we perceive the details of our environment and its familiar emotions that are part of the Christmas spirit. We can perceive these feelings at any time: during a shopping expedition, while visiting a friend, and even when going to a beauty salon. For beauty professionals, Christmas is the opportunity to fully satisfy clients and to influence their purchasing desire. But how is one to proceed more specifically with waxing services?

Psychological and behavioral studies have scientifically proven that the atmosphere perceived by customer’s senses is decisive for spending money or not. Senses of smell, hearing and sight, independently of one another, positively or negatively influence a product perception. Combining scent, sight and auditory stimuli strengthens consumption desire. However, the choice of each component has to be congruent with the time of the year! How can one harmonize a perfect waxing experience with the Christmas season?

Smell Stimulation

The depilatory industry offers a wide choice of fragrances in waxes. Create in your cabin an atmosphere with sweet and delicious edible scents. For that, you may use waxes which release scents of apples, berries, oranges or even chocolate or vanilla aromas. These fragrances are typical of Christmas time and winter.

Auditory Stimulation

Marketing analysis reveals that music can affect mood and create an interaction between a seller and its customers, thus influencing purchasing behavior. Subtly bring Christmas to your clients mind with rhythmic music for your reception and waiting room. In your waxing booth, preferentially use slow rhythms with acoustic sounds of guitar or piano.

Sight Stimulation

Put colourful ornaments in different ways in your salon! A classic Christmas decoration can be installed in your reception and waiting room in harmony with your company’s image. In your waxing booth, use your waxing product as an ornament thanks to its colors. Sparkling and vibrant green, red, orange, gold colors will be in their proper place! With the right scent and music, Christmas will brighten your salon.

Why not stimulate touch and taste?

The choice of a wax texture is important for the well-being of your customer and your comfort. The quality of touch and of ease of application determine the positive or negative perception of your customer about their experience. Creamy and silky textures are to be prioritized. Then, invite customers to a delicious cake tasting along with a little jar of sugar wax. This product is completely natural and contains only sugar, lemon and water. It will be a Christmas discovery and a way to tickle your customer’s curiosity about sugaring. You can end with:

We wish you a Merry Christmas!


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